Adult Costumes

Dorky Costume

Are you a creative person?  I, unfortunately, am not.  I am always in awe of people who have amazing, clever Halloween costumes.  Thankfully, the existence of websites such as Pinterest have made challenges such as finding or making a Halloween costume easier for someone like me, but that involves some planning and preparation.  Organization is a strength of mine in my career or in a professional setting, but put me in my own home or normal life and I suddenly turn into the worst of procrastinators.  Even the existence of Pinterest does not help me in this situation.

Unfortunately, I was under the weather this year for my best friend’s annual Halloween party.  She is filled with Martha Stewert-esque talents and always has an amazing spread of fun, themed food and cocktails along with a massive garage decked out in Halloween gear.  I missed out on some fantastic costumes, such as the Sun Drop girl, State Farm’s Mayheim and Peg Bundy.  I was even proud of my own costume (in my head, of course).  It was simply a large piece of cardboard spray painted gray with zig-zagging florescent blue and pink glow sticks.  I was going to wear my hair in hideous 80s fashion and find an old turtleneck and attach the cardboard to my back, thus creating the old school, trendy picture day effect.  Don’t be impressed, I certainly saw it online, but still thought it would be fun.

For many adults, Halloween costumes are simply an excuse to dress up in something provocative.  As I do not have an ideal body type, I never attempt the sexy nurse, sexy pirate or sexy devil costumes.  I actually quite dislike them.  I’m not sure if it’s because I wish I could pull them off or if I really think they are tacky.  The costumes I would most like to try and pull off are Marilyn Monroe in her infamous white halter dress or a 1920s flapper with a fabulous fringed dress and long cigarette holder. Nothing wildly unique, but I’d love to be able to put on either of those costumes and not feel self-conscious. Instead I will stick to the dorky ones.  I guess I’m all set for next year already

Did you go to any Halloween parties?  What did you dress up as?


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