Costume Envy

Loofah Costume

Kids come up with some of the best, creative and clever ideas for Halloween costumes. (Or their parents spend countless hours online looking up ideas.)  How did our parents manage?  They had to actually have talent in the creative arena to help their children out.  My mother, unfortunately, did not have that ability.  No judgment here.  If I had kids, I would not be good at making them costumes either.

My outfits were so nondescript for Halloween that I actually do not remember any costumes I had as a child, beyond the basic witch.  I recall a terrifying mask my dad had that resembled a deranged gorilla and filled my nostrils with the smell of rubber the second I pulled it over my head. It was oppressively hot and made me claustrophobic.  We only used that mask to scare young children.  One year in middle school, when I was old enough to fend for myself, I pretended to be a gypsy, but that was only because I had easy access to a large, flowing skirt and a black bandana.  I’m fairly certain I threw that outfit together in less than half an hour.  I would be embarrassed to see pictures of it, if any existed.

A friend of mine that lived down the street always had the most fabulous costumes.  Her mother knew how to sew and started making their family’s costumes a month in advance.  She also possessed the gift of creativity, which explains her success as a graphic designer now.  I was perpetually jealous of their wonderfully crafty ensembles.

I am already in awe by the clever costumes I have seen kids in this year.  Loofah costumes made from layers of tutus.  Candy machines crafted out of cardboard boxes and fun sized candy, complete with buttons and a candy dispenser.  Tetris-looking video game character named Creeper from Mindcraft assembled with layers of boxes.  Nerd costumes with a cardboard sandwich with the logo for candy Nerds.  A homemade rock, paper, scissors trio.  I am clearly a fan of the costumes that are prepared with some effort, not simply bought off the racks.  There is nothing wrong with store-bought costumes, I am just impressed and envious of the artistic ability required to make a fabulous costume.

What are the best homemade costumes you have seen this year?  Have you ever experienced costume envy?


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