Halloween Movies

Scared yet?

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is spending a Saturday afternoon or evening in October immersed in a marathon of scary movies.  This experience can only be enhanced by mother nature.  A healthy dose of whistling winds or clapping thunder makes all of the jump worthy moments even more frightening.  Must haves include a warm and fuzzy blanket, a large bowl of freshly popped popcorn doused in real butter and sea salt, a huge glass of Mountain Dew and a couple of boxes of movie theater candy, preferably Dots and chocolate-covered raisins.

As I get older, I especially love watching the classics that terrified me as a child and seeing if time has diminished their effectiveness.  I am always disappointed when modern special effects have spoiled me so much that my childhood favorites are more laughable than cringeworthy.  I love the moment when recognizably terrifying music sends goosebumps up my arms or the moment after an exceptionally scary scene makes me jump and cling onto the person next to me or grab the armrest.

This year I was unable to indulge in such an afternoon and it has disappointed me terribly.  Tonight I am sneaking in Stephen King’s IT, but it’s just not the same as a full weekend marathon.  Maybe on Halloween I can find something else to suck me in for the evening.

What are some of your favorite Halloween movies?  Any scary movie recommendations for me?



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