The Sound of Writing

Climb every mountain!

The title of this blog is intended to have a little bit of meaning, yet not be too serious.  The sound of writing is a play on a few things.   First of all, I am moved by the song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel.  Those are some powerful lyrics.  There is a bit of silence involved in the writing process, mixed in with the soft, lovely tapping on a computer keyboard or the long strokes of a pen or pencil.  Although there is something to be said for the sound of a good, old-fashioned typewriter.  I make too many mistakes in my rough drafts for a typewriter to be used.  But that sound.  It’s quite soothing. Who could live without spell check anymore, though?

Also, I adore the movie The Sound of Music.  I have fond memories of watching it almost nightly, wearing out the VHS tape, as well as my father’s patience.  Is there a more lovely, innocent movie about life?  Can you really use the term innocent when referencing a movie in which Hitler is involved?  I am conflicted.  I can still recite many of the lines word for word and enjoy singing along.  It is unfortunate for those around me.  Good thing I usually watch it alone.  None of my friends or family seem to have the same affinity for the movie that I do.  I am always jealous of people that live in a big city that occasionally has a sing-a-long version of The Sound of Music playing in the theaters.  The episode of Will & Grace where Will meets a character played by Taye Diggs at one of these events is almost a dream come true for me.  If I meet and fell in love with Taye Diggs at a The Sound of Music sing along event, I could die a happy woman.  (Yes, I know he is married.  This is hypothetical.)

About once a year around the holidays I will catch The Sound of Music on television.  I know, I certainly should own a copy myself at this point, but I don’t.  I can still remember exactly where the commercial breaks were on my original copy and I can see the old-fashioned Campbell’s Tomato Soup commercial vividly in my mind.  There is something magical about those old commericals that brings back a sense of comfort and childhood. If I could get my hands on that original VHS, I would be thrilled.  I still wouldn’t be able to watch it because who has a VHS player anymore, but it would still feel good in my hands.

Do you have any movies that you watched regularly as a child?  Did you still like to take a trip down memory lane by watching it?


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