Trick-or-Treat Candy

Happy Halloween!  I was notably absent from my home this year on the night of trick-or-treat.  Pulling into my driveway fifteen minutes before the trick-or-treating ended made me feel like an awful person, citizen, community member and neighbor.  I will probably be egged next year.  Children gazed at me sadly, glancing down at their bag of candy where that one extra piece should have been.  Parents across the street pointed and whispered disparaging things about me as I unlocked my front door.  Or so it felt.

I was even prepared.  I had mounds of ring pops and fun-sized candy bars.  I simply got caught up at work and didn’t make it home in time.  I don’t earn enough money to make it worth missing out on these rare, fun evenings!

Part of me is saddened for the Halloweens long gone, though.  No more nights of homemade popcorn balls that would break off teeth or candy apples from the sweet elderly lady down the street. You always knew which houses had the good treats and gravitated towards them first. My brother and I were just talking about the best houses to go to when we were kids trick-or-treating, mentioning the same places even though we grew up seven years apart and always went around town with different crowds of kids. Now you can’t trust anything that is not prepackaged.  Kids don’t even know what they are missing!

Did you have a favorite house to visit while trick-or-treating?  What was your favorite treat to get in your bag?


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