Whole Food Recipe: Homemade Lara Bar

I have recently been on a whole foods kick.  I am attempting to cut out a significant portion of processed foods in my diet.  Thankfully, it has been fairly painless so far.  Eventually I will have to start monitoring my calories as well, but I thought this would be a nice way to ease into eating more healthfully.

Breakfast is always a challenge for me because I prefer the extra time to sleep in.  As much as scrambled eggs and toast sound delicious, my relationship with the snooze button is more important to me.  That is why this quick and simple recipe for homemade Lara Bars is amazing to me.

Lara Bars are produced with a limited number of real food ingredients.  I have not found one flavor that has more than ten ingredients.  And I recognize and can pronounce them all.  I originally found this recipe on the Enlightened Cooking website.  There are many superb variations, but my favorite is the tropical one.  I make them on Sunday night and have breakfast prepared and ready to go for the week.  In half an hour I can have two batches whipped up.


Delicious and nutritious!


Homemade Lara Bars Recipe

1/2 cup chopped dates

1/2 cup tropical fruit bits

2/3 cup raw cashews

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

2 teaspoons fresh lime juice

Put out four pieces of plastic wrap to shape and wrap the bars in.  You will want to do this first so that your fingers are not sticky.  Place the dates and tropical fruit in a food processor.  Pulse until it is a paste.  Put into a bowl.  Do not clean the food processor.

Add the cashews to the process and pulse until finely chopped.  Add the cashews to the bowl, along with the ginger and lime juice.  Use your fingers to combine the ingredients, kneading the cashews into the paste.  Divide the mixture into four equal parts and place each onto a sheet of plastic wrap.

Wrap the plastic around each bar and form into a bar shape,  flattening against the countertop.  Wrap the plastic tightly around each bar and store in the refrigerator.  Enjoy as an easy breakfast or snack.

Do you have any quick and easy breakfast ideas to share that utilize real, whole foods?  Please share if you do!


4 thoughts on “Whole Food Recipe: Homemade Lara Bar

  1. Hello there! Stacy from LÄRABAR here. This #DIYLARABAR recipe is Ä-mazing! Our brand has always been dedicated to simplicity, so we love it when creative folks like yourself appreciate how simple our bars truly are. As a token of our admiration, we’d love to send you a little gift. If you are game, please let me know your mailing address and phone number (FedEx requires both for delivery), and we will send some goodies your way. You can email me at bananas@larabar.com. Thanks for being a fan and nice job on the recipe!

    • Thank you so much!! I love LARABARS and eat them on a regular basis! I’m never quite sure how the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor tastes so much like actual chocolate chip cookie dough! I will certainly be e-mailing you soon! : )

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