Dream Wedding

Jasmine Bridal Couture Style #T152012

Has your idea of a dream wedding changed as you matured?  When I was a little girl, my dream wedding mirrored every wedding I had ever attended:  church ceremony, hundreds of people, buffet meal, children dancing, and drinks flowing.

When I was in college, I realized that weddings in my area were not at all the same as weddings in a big city.  Two hundred people was an enormous wedding in the city; that was a small wedding where I grew up.  My ideal wedding evolved into a luxurious affair.  Smaller and intimate, with elaborate plated meals and planned transitions between each course (first dance, cutting of the cake, slide show, etc.)  I wanted details that would set my day apart from every other local wedding.

When I became engaged in my mid-twenties, my realization of the cost of every last detail of a wedding was shocking.  Suddenly plated dinners were not so much of a necessity and lovely centerpieces became something that was of little importance since I couldn’t even remember the centerpiece at the last wedding I attended.  I wanted to splurge on photography, because to me that was a part of the day that was captured and lasted a lifetime.  These photos would be cherished by my kids and their children (or so I hoped!)  The stress of it all took away the fun I imagined planning a wedding would be.

As I floated into my thirties, my idea of a perfect wedding is still morphing.  I can certainly see the benefit of eloping now, where I would have once scoffed at the thought.  But I still love pouring through wedding magazines and imagining all the possibilities of a lavish, dream wedding.  The style of dresses that I adore is ever changing, the flowers that seem perfect switch constantly, the time of year that would lend itself to my vision alters, the venue and decorations are constantly modified in my mind, but one detail always remains the same.

In my imagination I am always deeply in love and more concerned about the actual marriage than the one day that begins the journey of a lifetime together.  I could be married in a courthouse with just the witnesses and be happy as long as I was with the right person. I guess a broken heart and broken engagement will help you reevaluate what is important. I still hold onto the dream that I will one day find the man whom I will marry and live happily ever after with.  A girl can dream, right?

Has your idea of a dream wedding transformed throughout the years?


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