Ghosts: Do you believe?


Ghosts are a tricky subject.  People either vehemently believe in them or they don’t.  Many that do believe in ghosts have experienced what they perceive to be some form of paranormal activity.  My parent’s house, which was built in the early 1900s, was a funeral home at one point when it was first built.  Needless to say, my family has experienced a few situations that cannot be explained rationally.

The major activity occurred when my brother was very young, approximately twenty years ago.  While in his bedroom at night, his ears would start ringing and he would hear a soft tapping on his window.  When he looked out his window there was a little girl in a red polka-dotted dress.  He was young enough that he didn’t really understand that this was abnormal and he would talk about the little girl with my mom nonchalantly.  My mom investigated the situation a bit by talking to a previous owner of the house.  He was a local business man  and historian that owned the grocery store in town.  He had grown up in our house.  My mom asked him if any little girls had been waked in the house and he described the same girl my brother had seen outside his window, right down to the red polka-dotted dress that she was buried in.  That made a believer out of me.

His encounters with the little girl and the popularity of a show called “Unsolved Mysteries” made me terrified of baby-sitting in our house at night.  Whenever my parents watched that show, I sat in the living room facing the back wall so I could not see the television screen, reading.  I did not want to be alone in my bedroom, but I didn’t want to watch the show either. The voice of Robert Stack still terrifies me and gives me the chills.

When I was in college and would come home to visit, I then slept in my brother’s old bedroom because he had upgraded to the larger room that was previously mine.  I was never frightened to sleep in there, but the thought of his experiences certainly crossed my mind from time to time.  One night I woke up around 3 a.m. and looked into my parent’s backyard.  I saw an eerie, misty glow in the middle of their yard.  Fear paralyzed my entire body.  I literally could not move a muscle.  It was the strangest experience to not be able to control your limbs.  I finally was able to build up the courage to go downstairs and investigate the figure that still appeared to be in our backyard about an hour later.  Relief swept over my body when I realized that my dad’s electric bug zapper, which glowed in a neon blue color, was casting the eerie shadow in the middle of the yard.  The mind is a powerful thing.

More recently, a few days before Christmas a couple of years ago, my parents were planning our family celebration at their house.  At the time, my brother and I both lived a half hour drive from their house.  There had been a terrible snow storm that had shut down major highways in our area, so we cancelled our party.  The secretary where my dad worked was stranded with her husband and their daughter, so they stayed with my parents.  As they enjoyed our lovely Christmas meal around the dining room table, they were telling stories about different experiences with ghosts.  My parents had shared my brother’s experience in their house.  His secretary was telling a story about her grandfather and how she believed that he would send her messages through different things that had happened to her.  Just as she got to the climax of the story about a time when she felt like her grandfather had let his presence be known, the window in their dining room, directly behind the woman telling the story, shattered.



Nothing sinister has ever happened to any members of my family, but these experiences combined with a few other experience I have heard of from friends, have made a believer out of me.  I am always curious about television programs and movies about the paranormal.  It doesn’t scare me so much as fascinate me.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Has anyone you know every had any experiences with the paranormal?


3 thoughts on “Ghosts: Do you believe?

  1. Great post! As a paranormal researcher, I have yet to see a ghost. However, I have come across some really unexplainable phenomenons. I am not the typical investigator screaming out to everything that is weird and claiming it to be haunted. I keep an open mind, but not so open that I accept everything that comes across my path, but I do believe in the spiritual world.

    • Thank you for your comment! I would say I have a similar philosophy. I certainly believe in the paranormal and spiritual world, but I don’t buy into everything about it that I hear about or read. So much of it in the media is clearly hyped for viewership purposes. I do, however, find genuine stories about these types of situations interesting. I have followed your blog to go back and peruse when I have more time on my hands.

      • Your welcome anytime! You are right though and I am glad you view the media the same way. The problem with new paranormal teams now a days is that they watch to many paranormal shows or read all of these books and think they know it all. I was just informed earlier today that another team is having to go and “fix” what another team created by freaking them out, scaring their children and telling them they have demons in their closets. These new teams that are arising need more theoretical sense of being instead of jumping to conclusions. However, on another note. Thank you for following my blog and when you get the time I am sure you will find everything quite informative. Have a nice day!

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