An Officer AND a Gentleman


Photo by Jennifer Foster via Facebook


Sometimes there is a news headline that strengthens your faith in humanity, warms your heart and genuinely puts a smile from ear to ear on your face.  This story achieves all of that.  A New York City Police Officer saw a homeless man on the street with no socks or shoes.  He commented that he remembers the night vividly and his feet were freezing with two pairs of socks on.  He generously bought a warm pair of thermal socks and all-weather boots to give to the homeless gentleman.

All of it was caught on a woman’s cell phone camera, without the knowledge of the police officer.  She later posted the photo on the NYPD’s facebook page, causing a social media outpouring of respect for this officer. The 25-year-old officer, Larry DePrimo, clearly lives up to the famous movie title from the 80s.  He is an officer and a gentleman.

In a world where the media typically focuses on the negative actions of people in our society, it is refreshing to see a story focusing on the positive.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man, but it is my belief that there are plenty of people in this world who are Good Samaritans and do random acts of kindness like this regularly.  I am guessing that Larry DePrimo is a humble man who was simply doing what he felt was right. He did not intend for the sudden fame. He authentically cared about the homeless man and acted accordingly. I applaud his actions!

I wish that media sources would focus on these types of actions to highlight the social justice concerns of our communities and encourage more young people to act with compassion towards others.  Teenagers are obsessed with being famous and showing that they can gain fifteen minutes of fame by giving back might give an added incentive to some kids to do the right thing.

Kudos to this tremendous officer!  I love seeing the goodwill of others; people like this gentleman are unsung heroes every day.  Have you witnessed any random acts of kindness recently?


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