Greek Steakhouse

I had the most fabulous dinner recently at a Greek steakhouse.  I hesitated in going because my brother has been trying to plan an evening out to this particular steakhouse with my immediate family for quite some time now.  I had never been there before, but considering all the rave reviews I had heard about the place I decided that even if I dined there twice in a month I would still enjoy both experiences.  I was absolutely correct!  And it confirms my desires to travel to Greece and experience all the lovely country has to offer.



We were immediately greeted by a handsome gentleman in a black suit. I am a sucker for a guy in a suit.  He showed us to the bar, so that we could have a drink while they were setting up our table.  There was a piano player right behind us, setting the mood.  The establishment had a genuine supper club feel, which I adore.  One of my friends shared a bottle of Greek wine with me and the blackberry and chocolate notes were subtle and divine with when paired with my filet mignon later in the evening.

The service was phenomenal, more high end than I am typically used to receiving.  The bartender was attentive and answered all the questions we had while choosing the perfect wine.  We were escorted back to our seats, where a flaming saganake was delivered immediately to our table as a gift because our whole group was new to the restaurant.

In an effort to fully immerse myself in the restaurants unique offerings, I ordered everything greek-style.  The olive oil, garlic and lemon added to the each course kicked everything up a notch, but the star of the show was without a doubt the hand-cut steak.  It literally melted in my mouth.  Thankfully I did not have anyone to go home to afterward because I am certain that garlic was oozing out of my pores the whole evening.

Our waiter was affable and had some wonderful suggestions regarding their menu.  He was knowledgable and he did not put on airs, telling us everything was delicious.  He genuinely laughed at our jokes when he was with us and retreated undetected to give us our privacy to enjoy our girls night out.  Before leaving, he gave us all a free drink ticket to use at the bar in celebration of my birthday.

We all left with full stomachs, an evening full of laughter and good company and a promise to get together again soon.  It is rare that a restaurant actually overshadows the good company of friends, but in this instance it might have been the case.  I think we were quiet for a solid ten minutes after the main course arrived and anyone that knows us can attest to what a feat that is!  Opaaaa!


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