Is Christmas Romantic?

I have always found Christmas to be incredibly romantic.  I can remember being a child and falling asleep to lovely, soulful Christmas music on Christmas Eve and picturing myself as an adult cuddled up with my husband by the fireplace with stockings hung off the edge, gazing at the full, beautiful Christmas tree in the corner of the room.  My heart filled with joy thinking about that picturesque future I dreamed of each year.  Nothing in my adult experience has lived up to that fantasy.





I can not fully explain why I find Christmas so romantic. I enjoy showering someone with small, thoughtful gifts for the twelve days of Christmas that showcase how much I pay attention to the details of what makes them happy.  There is something magical about the twinkle lights cascading everywhere and filling the streets with an idyllic quality.  The chill in the air encourages snuggling up next to someone you love and drinking in the warmth of their body.  So much of the holiday music that is played evokes a sense of longing. I never feel more alone than when I am single during the holidays.  I want to share every magical moment of the season with someone.

Do you find the holidays to be romantic?


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