The Gift of Time

Today I was given the gift of time.  It was unexpected and delightful!


There's never enough of it...

There’s never enough of it…


I was supposed to have meetings all afternoon at work.  My principal gave us all envelopes that we were instructed not to open until we all had our own.  (We all thought it was some sort of group teamwork activity where we would all have to perform some embarrassing act!)  I joked that I was hoping for cash in the envelope.

What we received was better than cash!  It was thoughtful and (no pun intended!) timely.  The letter prompted us to go and enjoy the afternoon to ourselves.  We were not allowed to stay in the building after one o’clock.  Ideas fluttered through all of our minds:  holiday baking, gift shopping, watching movies, napping, laundry… the list was endless.

I opted to treat myself to a relaxing afternoon of catching up with my DVR.  Part of me felt as if I had just squandered this precious gift and then I realized that the whole idea was to indulge ourselves a little bit for the afternoon.  And if mine included watching a cheesy Christmas movie revolved around the Brady Bunch, then I should not feel one ounce of guilt.  I should feel grateful that I was given this opportunity!

What would you do with the gift of time?


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