Why are so many adults obsessed with technology and media?  I understand the obsession of children and teenagers.  They are not mature enough to comprehend the fact that there are more important things in life.  At that age, kids are very egotistical and they simply want to be similar to their peer and don’t want to feel left out of the latest fad.  When I see adults who are out in public but incessantly connected to their smartphone playing on facebook, it annoys me.

Let me ignore the friends I am with to respond to someone on Facebook that I haven't even seen in person since high school.

Let me ignore the friends I am with to respond to someone on Facebook that I haven’t even seen in person since high school.


I do not own a smartphone.  I know that it is unheard at this point in time, but I am afraid that I would turn into one of those frustrating people that no longer knows how to interact with actual people but is constantly glued to their mobile device.  I have a very basic cell phone and it works for me.  I can call people and I can text people.  If I want to go onto websites, I can do that deliberately with my time on my Kindle Fire or laptop when I am at home.  Constantly being connected to the internet would probably make me obsessed as well.

I had a co-worker who used to come into school in the morning with his earbuds in, listening to podcasts or music on his iPhone.  It was impossible to get his attention unless you were right in front of him.  I can’t imagine that he was fully focused on his students when they entered the room.  I’m sure he pulled his phone out of his pocket all day to check his updates (for whatever apps they were set for.)  At lunch, you could hardly have a conversation with him because he was more focused on looking up videos on YouTube or checking in on sports scores.  I have certainly been out to dinner with many friends who have their phones on the table as if it is seated with the group.  They have to be able to see everything that pops up on their screen at a moment’s notice, with no regard for the people they are sitting with (that they may only see once a month or so.)  Even grown adults are lacking in the social skills department.

My level of frustration was heightened even more last weekend when I was out with some friends at an ice hockey game.  Two married couples were sitting in front of me that were easily in their late 20s or early 30s.  One husband spent the majority of his time scrolling through Facebook.  Why are you even out at a sporting event?  You could be must more comfortable on your recliner at home if all you want to do is play online.  Then they were constantly taking pictures of themselves.  One where they were kissing.  One of the four of them.  One of the zamboni.  All were then uploaded to his Facebook page.  Are you in high school?  Do you really think anyone (beyond the three people you are with) cares that you are at the hockey game?  I bet you got a whooping three likes there, buddy.  Does that stroke your ego?  I bet at least one of them took a photo in the mirror while in the restroom and uploaded it.  I wanted to make snide comments the whole time I sat behind them.  I might have let one or two slide.

I know for a fact I would never be as juvenile as that particular group of people at the game, but I am still leery of owning a smartphone and what it would actually do to my intelligence.

Do you own a smartphone?  How often are you on it?


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