Survivor Family Members

I enjoy the reality television show Survivor.  I have no desire to be on this show because I know that I would fail miserably.  All of the physical challenges, only eating rice for 39 days, trying to sway people’s opinions when I would probably be grumpy and nasty because of said physical challenges and lack of food.  Not for me.  But the locations that they film in are breathtaking and the experiences they have with the local people and learning about their cultures always seem like genuine once in a lifetime experiences.  In this current season, they are in the Philippines.  In each season, there is a point where they bring in the family members.  Now that’s what I would like to be.  A Survivor family member brought in for the day.  None of the constant hard work, but a taste of the behind the scenes action.


Bring me along for the ride!

Bring me along for the ride!


I have always been curious about the behind the scenes action on a reality television series.  I want to know how much is set-up or actually scripted.  I would enjoy seeing how long the action actually takes off-screen to get the ten minutes of air time.  I want to see Jeff Probst in action. He seems so smooth on camera, but there have to be some moments of non-perfection as they are taping. That’s the host I want to see.  Raw and uncut.  I would love to see firsthand how the players scramble in the social aspect of the game.  So much of this game is mental and strategy and I imagine there are a lot of instances that go down behind the cameras that are never caught (or land on the cutting room floor.)

If I was only there for one day, it would be like an awesome camping trip.  If I was playing the game for over a month, it would be torture.  I will be recommending multiple family members for the show next time around.  And each of them better list me as the family member they want to visit them!

What reality show would you most like to see behind the scenes?


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