Intrastate Rivalry

My friend offered me a ticket to my alma mater’s basketball game tonight against our intrastate rival.  It has been years since I have attended a game, but I do adore my Hawkeyes!


We're gonna fight, fight, fight for Iowa!!

We’re gonna fight, fight, fight for Iowa!!

I can recall the first game I ever went to with my dad, sitting in the backseat of the van with a few of my closest friends, enjoying the hour and a half drive just as much as the game.  We knew we wouldn’t get home until late and that was a treat when you typically went to bed at ten o’clock at night.  We also knew we would get to eat out for dinner, which was also a treat for us.  These were the years of Kingsbury, who knocked down three pointers like it was nobody’s business, so they had large gold signs on the seats with the number three on it to hold up when he was shooting.  Little did I know then that the athletes in college are not at all the fantasy people you look up to as a child.  I learned quickly as a student in college that many of them acted entitled, condescending and thought that they ran the campus.

In college, we had season tickets.  My friends and I would get all dressed up in our Iowa gear and walk through the University Hospital to get to the games.  Only one of us knew our way around that building, so thankfully she always made it.  By the end of the season, I still was lost in there.  Without fail, we would always get a soft-serve ice cream cone right before half-time (to avoid the lines!) After the game, it was back to our dorms/apartments to get ready for a night out at the ped mall.

I still have an affinity for the Iowa Hawkeyes, but I am not as enamored with their sports teams as I once was in my younger years.  I love tailgating and make it to at least one football game a year, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I was at a basketball game.  I am quite looking forward to it.  Let’s just hope we can beat the Cyclones!


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