The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is a treat for anyone who is able to witness it.

Magical Moments

Magical Moments


People revel in the festive atmosphere created by this magical experience.  The train is decked out in layers and layers of twinkle lights.  Once it stops, a door on one of the boxcars opens to reveal a band and Santa Claus, excited to perform for the crowd.


Rockin' around the holiday train...

Rockin’ around the holiday train…


The Holiday Train makes a three week journey through the United States and Canada during the holiday season, raising money for local food banks at each of its stops.  It has raised over $6.4 million and 2.6 million pounds of food since it started visiting over 150 communities each year in 1999.





Seeing the train always makes me want to run home, snuggle up in my pajamas and watch The Polar Express.  There are few magical moments like this experience to get me into a festive mood!

What gets you into the holiday spirit?


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