New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a person that is into New Year’s Resolutions.  They always seemed punitive, as if I was punishing myself for something I didn’t do well enough in the past.  It always felt as if that was what was expected of New Year’s Resolutions.  It had to be something like losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more.  All things I should do, but also things that are not fun for me.  All things that I could do well with at first, but rarely was able to sustain.  This year I want to make a legitimate resolution.  Something that will be fun and exciting.  Something that I will stick with all year long.


Tick Tock... the countdown begins...

Tick Tock… the countdown begins…


My resolution is to try something new each week.  I think that it will be lovely to consciously seek out new brews of beer, different restaurants, unique foods, innovative recipes, fresh exercises, etc.  I think it will give me something to look forward to each week, not dread on a daily basis like past resolutions have provoked.  It will also be my goal to blog about many of the new things that I experience.  This resolution will continue to foster my jump back into the writing arena.  I am so excited by the prospects that I want to start right away!

Do you typically make New Year’s Resolutions?  What one was your most successful?  Least successful?


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