Alone for Christmas

I found myself in a sad predicament last year.  I was alone on Christmas morning.  It was miserable and I am still recovering.  I had planned trying out a new breakfast pizza recipe on my parents, but by the time I woke up and got around to preparing the dish they had already left their house to go partake in bloody marys with their friends.  All that greeted me was a note that they had left on their kitchen counter.


Christmas Morning Sunshine

Christmas Morning Sunshine


In their defense, it was not as if I was alone all day or didn’t have plenty of plans for the holiday season.  I had our immediate family celebration on Christmas Eve for lunch, my mom’s side of the family the day before that and my dad’s side of the family on Christmas afternoon.  I was not deprived by any means.  But I did spend Christmas Eve evening and Christmas morning alone. And I had never done that before.  It was honestly depressing.  I can’t even fathom not having family around for the holidays.

Now I am someone who dearly enjoys my alone time, so it is not that part that bothered me.  There are moments when I wonder if I am starting to get too old to have kids because I am set in my ways and love alone time at night, sleeping in on the weekends, using the bathroom without interruptions, etc.  I just found it supremely woeful to be sitting by myself on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  I was used to having four places to stress about making appearances at in two days, but now all of a sudden I had the prime times of the season wide open and empty.  Of course everyone has established traditions with their family and such, so I was not about to impose on any of that.  Thankfully I had my new Kindle Fire to keep me company.

Recently I realized that my brother and his girlfriend do not have any plans for Christmas morning this year either.  I practically begged him to hang out with me!  And I think we came up with some really fabulous plans.  I will bring the homemade breakfast pizza (recipe that I perfected last year!), he will supply the bloody mary and mimosa bar and we will stay in our pajamas and watch A Christmas Story for hours until we finally have to shower and get ready for Christmas at my grandparent’s house later in the afternoon.  I think sounds amazing.

Have you every been alone on the holidays?  Did you love it or hate it?


2 thoughts on “Alone for Christmas

  1. That sounds like a wonderful Christmas morning. I have never been alone around that time of year, but I don’t think I would like it very much. It sounds like you are in for just the right amount of noise and family. Enjoy.

    • Booze in my pajamas… I am thinking I will love it. I have no qualms about getting into my car in my pjs with breakfast in my hand ready to be lazy and relaxed at someone else’s house.

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