Naughty or Nice

I struggle with whether I believe myself to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list.  I can make a case for both, depending on the type of mood I am in.


I believe.

I believe.

If I want to feel angelic, I will remind myself of the fact that, although I graduated top in my class and could have pursued any career avenue I wanted to, I chose to make next to nothing salary-wise to follow my calling as a teacher in a private school (where we don’t even get benefits, much less a starting salary near a public school teachers… which isn’t hefty in the first place.)  I volunteer often, choosing a specific cause each year to focus on with my class. (This year, the local women and children’s shelter in the community.)  I genuinely have a good heart and will go out of my way for any friends or family in need. Everyone close to me knows that they can count on me and I will put their needs before my own. I am the one that both of my principals come often and count on when they know that they want something completed properly and on time. (They have both stated this to me and it is also a detriment because I get asked to stay late and work on things without compensation often.)

If I want to be completely honest, I look at all the ways I could live my life better.  I spend money recklessly on things such as clothes, shoes, purses, make-up, etc.  I love nice things. I don’t go completely overboard or out of my price range, but there are times I make purchases when that money could easily go to better use helping someone else.  I don’t go to church often.  I could give you all of my reasonings and rationale about why (and I still believe them to be valid), but I do find solace in attending Mass regularly and wish I did it more.  I am often simply lazy and enjoy sleeping in on the weekends.  I have plenty of vices, such as indulging in food and drinks, and an occasional cigarette when having said drinks.  I am notorious for being late on updating my car registration.  When I am speaking freely with close friends, I can be judgmental about things.  I’m sure the list could go on and on if I tried.

Maybe we are all a healthy mix of naughty and nice.  Maybe it is when I can not actually admit that I have things on both lists that I need to be concerned.

Would you be on Santa’s naughty or nice list?


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