Blizzard Conditions

If the meteorologists are to be trusted, shoveling snow and scraping off my car will consume most of my day tomorrow. Snow and heavy winds are imminent.   School is already called off for tomorrow, as the Department of Transportation has issued a Blizzard Warning and are advising people not to travel until the afternoon.


Dangerous conditions

Dangerous conditions


Tomorrow was to be the last day of school before our Christmas break.  I have been teaching for nine years and three of those years we have not had school on the last day before break because of inclement weather.  The last day before winter break is one of the greatest days of the year!  Everyone is festive and full of laughter.  The kids are rowdy, but a excitement induced cheerful rowdy.   One thirty tomorrow afternoon I should have been heading to the local watering hole with my co-workers.  Instead I will probably be cleaning my toilet.  Or still trying to dig out my car.

I remember the days when a good old fashioned snow day was wished for no matter what day of the year it happened to land on.   A time when days off meant frolicking in the snow and slurping hot chocolate with marshmallows, not catching up on cleaning or grading.  Sometimes I long to be a kid again!

I have been spoiled this year with unseasonably warm weather, so even though they have been predicting this storm for a few days, I have chosen not to believe it would materialize.  The weather has been so mild that I did not even purchase an ice scraper until this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning will prove to be a rude awakening for me.

The prospect of a White Christmas does give me joy.  As much as I complain about the negative aspects of a severe storm, they don’t call it a good ol’ storm for nothing.  There is plenty of fun to be had in the white powder.  I just won’t be having it quite yet.

Do you look forward to or dread snow storms?


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