I am a firm believer that the sense of smell brings back memories more readily than any other sense.  The smell of chocolate chip cookies instantly transports me to my grandmother’s kitchen.  In the same way, the scent of certain perfumes and colognes bring a flood of memories back immediately.


I still use this lovely container to store my jewelry.

I still use this lovely container to store my jewelry.


One spray of Tommy Girl or CKone takes me on a journey to middle school, where insecurities are high and my main concern was wearing the right brand of jeans.  So of course, I had to wear the same perfume that every other teenage girl at the time was wearing.

In high school, I switched over to Clinique Happy.  Thirty seconds at a perfume counter in a department store can bring back the good old days of no responsibilities and living a carefree life.  In the same way, the smell of Cool Waters for men brings back memories of late night discussions in high school with my best guy friend on the couch or front steps.

In college, I wore a rotating selection of perfumes, often times trying out different fragrances that my roommates owned.  At some point I fell for Philosophy’s Falling in Love scent and stuck with their products for a few years.  I will readily admit that I adore the bottle of the Marc Jacobs Lola, which is one of the reasons I even tried the perfume in the first place.  It is still one of my favorites to spritz on before going out for the evening.

Recently, I went on a search at Ulta and Sephora for my new perfume of choice.  I went into the search thinking that it would be simple.  Something would stick out at me and my mind would be easily made up.  That was not the case at all.  I was bombarded with so many fragrances that did not fit what I was looking for in a perfume.  I hate the fact that I seem to like the smell in the store and then throw down almost a hundred dollars on the bottle, only to decide that I am having second thoughts a few hours or days later.  That’s why I love either putting the little white strips in my purse to smell later in the day or purchasing the travel size first to make sure I love it before going for the whole perfume, lotion, etc.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to perfumes is the fact that so many celebrities have their own collections.  It seems to me that it is an easy financial endeavor for them, but I don’t know that it has necessarily been beneficial to the perfume market.  Or maybe it has, because I am horrified to admit that I really like two perfumes produced by celebrity personalities that I do not care for, Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift.  If I was ever wearing their perfume and someone complimented me on it and asked what fragrance it was, I think I would be too embarrassed to admit it.  So that prevents me from actually buying the bottle.  Maybe I should suck it up and just buy it.  Nobody really ever asks what your perfume is anyway.

Do scents bring back memories for you?  What are your favorite perfumes or colognes.


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