Christmas Card Boycott

Keeping the post office in business!

Keeping the post office in business!

For the past few years, I have been on a Christmas Card Boycott.  I was not happy with where I was in life and I felt as if I didn’t want to draw attention to that by sending out cards exclaiming how great life was at the moment.  I had not made any spectacular advancements in my career.  I had not gotten married.  I had not had children.  All the basic things that the masses of holiday card extoll the virtues of.  This year, as I watch the pile of cards grow taller before I even attempted to open them, I decided that I needed to return the love that my friends and family were sending me via snail mail.

Even though it had been three or more years since I penned my name to a holiday card, I was not cut from any of their Christmas card lists.  For some strange reason, this touched me deeply.  Clearly we were good enough friends for them to not take into account any ridiculous arbitrary rule that if you haven’t received a card from them in X number of years, you should dump them from your list.  I was profoundly moved.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel loved.

As I went through my previous address list, I realized just how long it had been, considering the outdated addresses and lists of children’s names on my sheet.  I think that I did not even want to admit to myself how many years in a row I had been down on myself at Christmastime.  For some reason, this time of the year is the time that I focus on all of the things I am missing in my life.  All of the things I wish I had or wish I had accomplished.  I know I’m not the only one who gets depressed during the holidays, but it doesn’t make it any easier knowing that when you see everyone else around you celebrating so heartily.  But then I think about the fact that I celebrate just as robustly, it’s simply the moments when I am by myself that I feel sad.

So earlier this week, I felt strangely motivated to get them all written out and sent so that they would arrive by the weekend before the holiday.  I like to include a hand-written note specifically to the recipient, and with more than seventy people on my list, this task took a significant amount of my Sunday afternoon and evening.  I am hoping that my cards can bring as much joy and love to my friends and family as theirs have brought to me!

Do you send out holiday cards?


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