Baby Names

Aren't babies sweet?

Aren’t babies sweet?


Even though I am not married and have no plans for children any time in the near future, I am wildly protective over the names that I love, and have in mind, for my own kids.  I recognize that I am ridiculous about this topic, but I won’t even share my names with anyone for fear that they will have a baby before me and use the name.

I have a few requirements for the names I prefer.  I typically go for classical names, but names that I don’t feel are too over-used or popular.  I want to use middle names that have a connection to family.


Girl Names

Eliana Katherine  (Lia Kate)

Adelaide Grace  (Addy)

Middle Name Options:  Patrice, Gwyneth, Charlotte


Boy Names

Nathaniel Bennett (Nate)

Everett Patrick

Micah James


There was a point when I adored the names Ava and Ella and was convinced that they would always be the names I loved.  And then they became extremely popular, to the point than an ex-boyfriend of mine had a niece named Ava and  a great-niece named Ava (both of whom were born in the same year!)

Do you have particular names that you have an affinity for?  Do you think I am ridiculous in the fact that I won’t even share my names with anyone for fear of them using it?


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